Job Requirements


Required documents for employment or training applies to all applicants. Original copies must be presented for valid verification, references signed with contact phone number.


✓ State Board license
✓ School Certifcation(s)
✓ Malpractice Insurance
✓ Infection Control
✓ Fire Safety
✓ CPR Certificate/Card
✓ Annual physical (Current)
✓ Two Job or Personal References


✓ HHA/PCA Certifiate
✓ Companion Certificate
✓ Housekeeper Certificate
✓ Annual physical (current)
✓ Two Job or Personal
✓ References

Additional Documents

✓ Proof of US Citizenship or Residence
✓ Passport or Birth Certificate
✓ Green Card with Photo
✓ Employment Authorization
✓ Drivers or Non Drivers License
✓ Social Security Card

Why join us

Nursing Services

HHCI registered nurses coordinate all aspects of care.

Therapy Services

A vital services that allow the elderly or disabled person

Para Professional

HHCI strives to provide a very high standard of care.

Training Program

We offer both professionals, and para-professionals.

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Expand your opportunities

Take your career to the next level.

Hope Home Care Staten Island

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