PREPAREDNESS MONTH: How To Stay Safe in Emergencies

September is National Preparedness Month, with FEMA’s theme this year being “Take Control in 1,2,3,” focusing on preparing senior citizens for disasters.

Emergencies can be tough for older adults due to factors like living alone, financial stress, disabilities, or remote locations. How To Stay Safe in Emergencies, A Plan Elders and FamiliesHere’s how seniors can prepare:

  1. Create an Emergency Plan: Make a personalized emergency plan outlining what to do during crises. Share it with family, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and community members. Involve them in your plan, so they can assist you before, during, and after emergencies. Ensure they know where to find you afterward.
  2. Stock Up on Essentials: Build an emergency kit with water, nonperishable food, and medications. If you have special medical needs or receive home care, collaborate with healthcare providers to tailor your emergency plan. Also, register with your utility provider.
  3. Plan for Evacuation: If you live in an evacuation zone, have a clear plan for where to go if an evacuation order is issued. Use resources like the Hurricane Evacuation Zone finder to locate the nearest evacuation center. Stay updated and act promptly when orders come in.
  4. Prepare an Emergency “Go Bag”: Keep a ready-to-go bag with nonperishable food, water, clothing, identification, cash, flashlight, toiletries, and more, in case of evacuation.

National Preparedness Month reminds us to be ready for disasters. This is why at Hope Home Care, we strongly encourage our families to have a plan for emergencies and we include all our clients in our preparedness efforts. By following these steps and using available resources, we can all emerge from emergencies stronger and better prepared. Preparedness starts with individuals, but it’s a collective effort to make our communities safer and more secure. Together, we can achieve this goal.


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